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Xolair Injections for
Severe Asthma, Chronic Hives, and Nasal Polyps

What is Xolair?

Xolair (omalizumab) is a prescription medicine used to treat severe allergic asthma, chronic hives, and nasal polyps.

Xolair is an injectable medicine that is given in our office. It is given every 2-4 weeks.


What is Xolair indicated for?

Xolair is indicated for individuals 6 years of age and older with severe allergic asthma.

Xolair is indicated for chronic urticaria (hives) in those ages 12 and older.

Xolair is indicated for individuals 18 and older with nasal polyps. 

Dosing for Xolair is based on IgE levels and patient weight

How does Xolair work?

Xolair is a monoclonal antibody that binds to IgE (the antibody that is associated with allergies) and prevents it from binding to an allergy cell called MAST cells. Over time the IgE receptors are downregulated. The results are a decrease in MAST cell activation with improved asthma control, elimination of chronic hives, or improvement in nasal polyp symptoms.   


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